About Us

AKB Software Joint Venture Company (AKB) is a joint venture between the AIC Group of Vietnam (www.aicgroup.com.vn) and KUBO Industrial Co., Ltd. (http://www.kubo-ind.co.jp) and KB Software Co., Ltd. (www.kbsoft.co.jp) of Japan.

Our mission is to connect Japan and Vietnam. AKB Software Joint Venture Company was founded on January 28, 2008, with over 15 years of experience in formation and growth. We believe that the collaboration between talent from these two countries will offer customers exceptional experiences in technology product development.

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Our Vision

Developing and delivering top-notch technology services to greatness in a business-style manner.


Becoming the leading technology partner in Vietnam, delivering significant successes to our customers.

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Our Core Value

Operating with authenticity, dedication, and a positive societal contribution.

Continuously striving to deliver the best customer experiences.

Enhancing the work-life of our employees.

Cultivating a cohesive, friendly, and mission-driven team.

Remaining innovative, creative, and at the forefront of technological advancements.

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Advanced technological stacks available to satisfy any development requirements from your business.